LINQ Extensions Library

2010, 2011Type: Extension Library


The LINQ Extension Library is a collection of extensions written in C# that help in common programming tasks related to arrays, collections and any other type of enumerable.

The library is organized in the following sections:

  • Sequence Generation
  • Sequence Manipulation
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Sequence Analysis

EF Class Generators With WCF Support

2011Type: T4 Templates


The ADO.NET C# POCO/DbContext Generators With WCF Support are a set of project items that generates strongly-typed DbContext and POCO classes and persistence ignorant entity classes with addtional Data Contact related attributes to support WCF.

The set includes:

Adjusters Advantage

2008, 2010Type: Smart Client Application


Adjuster Advantage is a smart client application for the insurance adjusting business. It utilizes Web Services to communicate between the client and the server. On the server, data is stored using SQL 2005 and .NET objects for Data Access Layer and Business Logic Layer. In addition to using Web Services, the client is capable of accessing the Business Logic Layer directly if it is connected to the local network.
Some of the business logic and data validation occurs on the client side utilizing local resources and minimizing un-needed trips to the server. Once the validation process is completed, the data sent to the server gets revalidated to prevent spoofing and catch other potential errors.
It is a relatively small downloadable that checks for updates every time it starts (Click Once Deployment). If there is a new version on the server, it downloads automatically it and prompts the user to accept the new version. If the user OKs the action, the new version automatically starts.

Adjusters Advantage

Mosaic Wonder

2009Type: Desktop Application


Mosaic Wonder is a traditional desktop application. Users can download the Setup and install it on their PCs.
To use all the application features, users can register and activate their license using a simple web service from within the application.
This application lets the user select a theme image and then scans thier hard disk (or selected folders) for pictures. It then analyzes the pictures them and uses the best matches as tiles for thier mosaic. It uses many low-level graphics APIs, mathematical algorithms and multithreading to “Compare” colors and “Match” shapes.

Mosaic Wonder

Why Am I Famous

2010Type: ASP.NET Website


Why Am I Famous is a satirical web site. It is an ASP.NET site written in C# using SQL server to track users ratings, comments, input and contributions. The content is created using Mosaic Wonder 2.1 and the Silverlight Multi Scale image.
Users can contribute anonymously or claim the credit and have their alias displayed next to the contribution.
An RSS feed is available alerting users of new contributions.

Why Am I Famous?