ASP.NET / ASP / Web Applications


I Started Developing Web Applications using ASP as early as 1996 at Welcraft Marine and moved on to ASP.NET as soon as it became available in early 2002. Since the appearance of ASP.NET developed and participated in numerous projects while at companies such as Slim CD, Peek Traffic, Real Time Challenge, Tiger Quote, Comcast,, Chesapeake Energy and Liberty Power.



My experience with WinForms started in 1993 with the debut of VB 3.0. Since than I developed many desktop applications using WinForms using VB, VB.NET and C#. My experience ranges from the Win 3.1 API all the way to the .NET 3.5 Framework.

Smart Client


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WCF/Web Services


In RealTimeChallenge and Adjusters Advantage, Web Services were used extensively to communicate data between the client and the back-end. Adjusters Advantage uses Web services exclusively while RealTimeChallenge relies on a mix of Web Services and Sockets, using sockets to push information to the client and web services to pull information both synchronously and asynchronously. Mosaic Wonder uses WCF to transfer image batches from the client to the server for processing and development.

N-Tier / Client Server


This type of system architecture was used at some level in almost every business application development I participated throughout my career. While commonly associated with Fat (or Heavy) Client, N-Tier is simply about partitioning the application into logical layers: Data Layer, Business Layer and the Presentation Layer.



Began using SQL with its release of version 6.0. Highly proficient with database design setting proper relations between entities and following standard normalization rules. Extremely knowledgeable with T-SQL, XML Queries, Common Tables and creation of Stored Procedures, Functions, Trigers including other SQL elements such as SQL-CLR extensions.



Incorporated LINQ in various recent projects using both query and method syntax to simplify and clarify the application code. Proficient with optimizing LINQ queries for high performance and the use of Lambda Expressions.

Multi Threading


Applied multi threading techniques to achieve high throughput in server side applications that required long and intensive processor operations and in applications that processes rapid requests minimizing the need for queues and minimizing latency.

TCP Sockets


Sockets were used in RealTimeChallenge to send and receive data from connected clients. Sockets allowed connected clients to send critical information to the systems servers. RealTimeChallenge servers used the Sockets to push critical information to clients eliminating the need for constant pooling thus minimizing overhead.



Used XSLT often as an easy way to convert raw xml data (from sources such as SQL Queries, Web Services, and Uploaded files) to a standard format where it can be passed down a process flow. XSLT is a convenient way to transform XML data allowing a program to continue working without modifications even as the format of its underlying source data changes.



Proficient with IIS administration through version 7.0

Pocket PC


Created Pocket PC applications the use with Adjusters Advantage allowing adjusters to use their smart phones to take pictures of damaged properties. They can immediately upload the pictures to the server linking each picture with the claim it is associated with.



Created cubes and used MDX with SQL Server 7.0. Have a though understanding of creating fact tables, dimensions and other elements of SSAS. Used MDX and MS Office add-ins to create custom reports.

Source Control


Very knowledgeable with using and administrating Visual Source Safe 6.0 and 2005