Spell Checker

Posted: 2010Type: Free Download

This speller is a light interface using Microsoft Office spell checker. Just type a word or sentence. If it turns red, you have a spelling mistake. Click on suggestions to get the right spelling. You may double click on any suggestion to correct the misspelled section.

Speller main screen

QuickBooks File Manager

Posted: 2010Type: 30 Days Trial

QuickBooks File Manager is a tool to help check QuickBook files in and out in a multi user environment.  It keeps track on who checked a file out, when they did it and where they put it.

QuickBooks File Manager main screen

Image Crawler

Posted: 2009Type: Free Download

Image Crawler is a command line utility that crawls the web for images based on information found in its configuration file. Users can set the number of threads used to crawl, minimal image size in pixels and keywords associated with the image. The rest is done by the crawler. This tool is simple to use and an easy way to collect images with a common theme (key words) for any project. Be sure not to violate any copyrights restrictions!

Image Clipper

Posted: 2009Type: Free Download

Image Clipper is a simple fast tool to clip images to a certain size an proportion. Select the source and destination folders. Enter the new size of clips (or load from an image) and press start. The images in the source folder will be displayed. Click on the image's focal point and this tool will clip the image accordingly.

Image Clipper main screen

Cue Text Box

Posted: 2009Type: Free Download

Cue Text Box is a WinForm Control that is identical to the original WinForms Textbox Control with the added functionality of Cue text. This is useful to give hints to the user regarding the expected input. Once the control gets focus or has content the Cue disappears.

Initial state:

Cue Control in intial state

After gettig focus:

Cue Control after getting focus

Captcha Control

Posted: 2009Type: Free Download

This Web Control lets you protect your site from spammers and Web Bots.  Add this control to the Contact Us page  on your site or any other page that is used for feedback and should not be accessed by Web Bots.

Captcha Control

Image Resize Service

Posted: 2008Type: Free Download

This is a windows service that monitors predefined folders for new JPEG files and replicate them at a lower resuolution to another location.  Files on my Canon REBEL XT are usually over 3MB. After resizing (aprox 1024 X 680) and compressing files are 40K to 100K.  Much easier for emailing and casual browsing

Crown Molding Calculator

Posted: 2008Type: Free Download

This tool  will help you to set your Miter Saw Correctly. Enter the wall corner angle and the angle of the crown aganist the ceiling. In this sample walls are at 135 degrees and the crown at 45.  Set your saw to 16.5 (miter) and 15.5 bevel. The bevel results are both the angle and its complementary angle.

Crown Molding Calculator screen

Pixel Color Tracker

Posted: 2007Type: Free Download

This tool track your mouse movments and show you the color and its values of the pixel where your mouse is.

Pixel Color Tracker